Imagine your own private little island in the middle of a turquoise lagoon… Imagine yourself lying on the deck by a clear and mild night, under the billion of stars… Imagine that through your bedroom windows, you can admire the underwater world wonders. This dream of serenity took shape off the coats of Pemba Island, in the Zanzibar archipelago (Tanzania).

For a few month, The Manta Resort offers a unique concept created by the Swedish artist, Mikael Genberg, renowned for his unexpected constructions, on water or in the air. The structure is divided in three levels : a deck / terrace from where to enjoy the sun during the day or the stars by night, a lounge area with bathroom at sea level, and a bedroom four meters below the surface with an almost 360° view in crystal clear water.

From your bedroom, you’ll be lucky enough to spot one of those uncountable creatures with poetic names living in the coral reefs: bat fish, trumpet fish, butterfly fish, leaf fish, damsel fish, ribbon eel… And yes, as you might have guessed, Pemba Island is a paradise for scuba diving enthusiasts.

250 meters from the coast, with nobody around except the lucky one accompanying you, you’ll experience the utmost luxury made of peace, seclusion and intimacy with nature.

If solitude starts to weigh on you, you can still pop on Pemba Island and discover its green mangroves and lush forests, or simply enjoy dinner at the hotel restaurant, your feet in the sand.


Written for XO Africa’s blog (2014)