My dearest granny,

Forgive me if I have not written sooner, but I didn’t have time for myself since we’ve been arrived in South Africa. After Cape Town, the Garden Route and the Kruger Park, we settled down yesterday in Sun City. Mum demanded to come here so she wouldn’t have to take care of us anymore. She is sick of being stuck with us all day long, especially Lucas who has just started walking and doesn’t leave her alone for one minute.

Here, it’s like the Club Med but in a Disneyland version. It’s amazing, you’d be stunned!
There are 4 hotels. We are at the Cabanas. I would have loved to be in the Palace of the Lost City, the 5 star hotel but dad said that we were flat broke (yeah right, like I’m gonna beleive that!). Anyway, it seems that it’s better for families here.

So yesterday, on monday, we didn’t do too much, given that we were really tired by the trip. We stayed by the pool. Hugo and I remained in the water all afternoon while dad and mum vegged out on the deckchairs.They left Lucas at the nursery. I mean, the good life!

This morning, we all went to visit the Kwena Gardens Crocodile Sanctuary. We saw the world’s biggest Nile crocodile in captivity. He’s called Arnold but his nickname is Terminator, like Mr Berger, my math teacher! But he is less terrifying! No, I’m kidding, he still is scarier than my teacher! Then dad, Hugo and me, went for a ride on bumper boats while mum took Lucas to the petting zoo with farm animals and to the birds sanctuary (you know how Lucas is fascinated by birds!).

After lunch, we went to the valley of the waves. There is a huge swimming-pool with waves where you really can surf, with a white sandy beach and palms! And there is also a pool with a lot of slides. I didn’t take the highest because it’s really scary but I went in the tube called the ‘viper’ with my two friends. Oh ! I didn’t tell you that I made two new South African friends ; Melissa and Alexandra. I get along well with them, it’s cool! The problem is that Hugo kept on clinging onto us because he is unable to make new friends!

This evening, while Dad, mum and Hugo went to the cinema to watch Spiderman 2, I went clubbing with Melissa and Alexandra, at the Kowabonga Club. Well, it’s not a real nightclub, it’s a disco for teenagers (no alcohol don’t worry!), and it is forbidden for people above 18. It was AWESOME! I had a lot of fun and I met a boy who wanted to have a date with me, but I didn’t accept because it will be too sad when we leave.

Tomorrow, it’s our last day. Mum and I planned to go for a segway tour. The segway is a two-wheeled vehicle for one person (I’ll send you a picture of it because it’s too hard to explain).

Dad will play golf, Hugo will go to the gaming arcade and Lucas to the nursery. In the afternoon, I’d like to try the water-skiing but I also would like to go back to the Valley of the waves, because Melissa and Alexandra will be there. It’s too hard to choose! There are so many things to do here, it’s just heaven!

Well, I must leave you, dad is moaning because he wants me to switch off the light. I send you a million kisses granny. I miss you.

Your beloved little girl.

PS: I took a lot of pictures with the polaroid you gave me for christmas. I’ll send you some of them.


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